Born out of a selfish need, we create bold chocolates for humans that can handle them, because we’re bored and outraged by the current offerings!
Our mission is to reinvent the chocolate experience, to step away from the clichés of indulgence and pleasure into a realm of “new to the world” unexpected and sublime happenings. We believe that “real” chocolate is an ever-changing pool of creativity and at its best delivers experiences that can catapult you to the moon and back. Done well it inspires and empowers everybody involved, at all levels of the process.

We want every bite to make a difference, therefore we partner exclusively with Original Beans, who bring the world’s best and fairest cacaos to Europe. It is important to us that there are no compromises at any point in the supply chain, and that we play our part in driving change in the cacao industry.
Every day we meet people that share the Spirit of Berlin. We make chocolate for them. We make chocolate like us. We believe there are so many more people like this in the world, always searching for extraordinary experiences, and these are the people we know we can inspire.

Daniel x Chris

Rigorous master confectionary training, a career as fine dining pastry chef, and studies in food sciences make Daniel Budde a triple threat for chocolate. Inspired by his global travels and working in some of the best kitchens in the world, he applies his techniques to the best of all possible ingredients. No compromises, no extras, pure, fresh consumption.
A classically trained opera singer, Christopher O'Connor understands what it takes to deliver the best: Great talent combined with rigorous training and creative vitality. As passionate, creative and fearless entrepreneur, he continuously strives to create emotionally moving results.


We use the best of all possible ingredients. No compromises, no extras. Because cacao is a complex character, we guarantee 100% transparency and this is part of our story.
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