We don't like populist narrative, but when it comes to cacao, there's no gray area! Two very clear characters collide and every consumer supports the good or the bad guy.


Genetically manipulated hybrid plants are produced in massive mono-cultures.

Specialty Cacao

Ancient specialty cacaos grow in their natural environment.


Cocoa related deforestation is rampant, especially in West Afrika and Latin America. According to the Cocoa Barometer 2018, "a segment of original rainforest about the size of the Netherlands was cut down to grow the amount of cocoa similar to that consumed in the European Union."


Last year, we caused the reforestation of 5500 trees, the preservation of 67 soccer fields of forrest. That's enough for all World Cup matches to take place at once.

Dubious Sources

Literally impossible to trace, nobody can say with certainty, where the beans are coming from.


No secrets, 100% traceable and transparent origin. Some of the farmers invited us to their homes this year, we met them personally.

Mixed Chaos

Beans of all varieties are mixed together. It's like France taking all of their grapes and making one kind of wine.

Single origin, single varietal

Fruit varietals from different trees and regions are gathered and processed in separate batches to preserve their individual flavors.


According to Forbes Magazine, 2.1 Million children work on cacao plants in West Africa.

Supporting Families

Farmers are paid at least double the price of Fair Trade. Last year, our modest consumption of cacao improved the livelihood of 15 families and raised one full annual income for one family. Imagine how much can be achieved.

Because we operate in such a dubious space and because it's time for change, we promise complete and utter transparency. 

Every bite makes a difference.

We want every bite to make a difference, therefore we partner exclusively with Original Beans, who bring the world’s best and fairest cacaos to Europe. It is important to us that there are no compromises at any point in the supply chain, and that we play our part in driving change in the cacao industry.

Our Story

Berlin is bold and inspiring, an ever-changing pool of creativity. We make chocolate like our town, we make chocolate like us.
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