Ice cream, it's the chocolate of summer.

Freshly made for your home office: The favorite chocolate flavors as ice cream.

Order today and get it via courier.

Free shipping when ordering 6 or more.

Brown Butter

The classic favorite, now as ice cream.

Coffee Cardamom

Sorbet of coffee and cardamom on oat milk basis.

Cassis Violet

Cassis ice cream with violets.

Black Tea Passionfruit

Passionfruit and black tea ice cream.

Yuzu Almond

What can we say.

Coldbrew Cacao

Sorbet made from cold brewed Virunga cacao beans.

Chocolate Sorbet

Fresh ground cacao beans as delicious sorbet.


Fresh ground cacao beans make a perfect chocolate ice cream.

→ Free shipping when ordering 6 or more.


Order today, arrives tomorrow before noon.


Bike courier. Duration based on time of day and distance.


€15,00 per delivery.

We ship via courier with dry ice. Unfortunately, that's not exactly cheap.

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