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Fresh chocolates taste better. That's why we produce and ship directly to your home. The sooner you eat them, the better. Oh darn.


Fresh chocolates must be kept in the fridge and enjoyed within two weeks. The timing is a burden, but a small price to pay for extreme bliss.


We ship directly to your home, so you can experience purest possible flavors. They'll knock your socks off and it's worth the trouble, we promise.


We use sugar for flavor, not as a preservative. That's why our chocolates have less of it. No, we're not "sugar-reduced". We just don't add extra, we're "sugar-just-right"


We want every bite to make a difference, therefore we partner exclusively with Original Beans, who bring the world’s best and fairest cacaos to Europe.


It is important to us that there are no compromises at any point in the supply chain, and that we play our part in driving change in the cacao industry.

Candide Schokoladen, Berlin

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