Making Chocolates

To be a chocolate factory, just once. Or to impress your guests with homemade chocolates! Why does chocolate sometimes have a white film around it and why does it stick to my moulds? Come and learn from the master.

Learn techniques

How do I best temper chocolate, without turning my kitchen into glue? What is the perfect consistency of the filling? What makes the shell hard? And where do I get the best ingredients? Chocolates can be super fun, if you understand the basics.

Come with your friends

People that start a company or get married should always test their compatibility first - by making chocolate together. Life-long bonds are formed, while even the hardest of lines melt away.

Impress your guests

Homemade delicacies, perfect, every time. Your loved ones will be amazed. Perfect for a date, also. Have you ever made chocolates together? Patrick and Demi played with clay, we use chocolate!

Classic ganache

Mom, dad, where is chocolate from? We all love it, but most of us don't know where it's from or how it's made. We offer several courses, from short introductions to the worlds of cacao to do-it-yourself bean-to-bar sessions.
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